SlimKicker Giveaway Contest

I am very excited to announce Inspiring Healthy Living’s first giveaway contest! I was recently contacted by a representative from SlimKicker – a healthy living app – and asked if I would be interested in partnering with them. A blog and an app both trying to promote healthy living? Sounds like a good combination to me! Here are the details:

SlimKicker is a calorie-tracking app and game that makes achieving your diet and fitness goals fun and exciting. You can “level-up” by earning points for tracking healthy calories, logging your workouts, and completing healthy challenges. As you level up, you become eligible to participate in giveaway challenges and have the opportunity to win special prizes. Another detail about this app that I particularly like is a “virtual coach” provides you with personalized tips and advice based on your tracking activity. For example, I just logged some exercise minutes (20 minutes of walking) and was provided with this friendly reminder: “Lots of stress can negatively impact our bodies in many ways. Low to moderate exercise is a great way to combat stress. Go on a walk with a friend or hit the pool for a swim. Make time to escape the stress of daily life.” Neat, eh? Another thing I like about this app is it provides a breakdown of your daily food intake. It shows how much carbohydrates, protein, fat, cholesterol, sodium, fibre and sugar you consume each day. Oh, and did I mention the app is FREE? If you don’t have an iPhone to download the app, you also have the option of signing up online and tracking your activity on their website.

Now, onto the contest! SlimKicker would like to hear your suggestions for new health challenges for the app! Here are some examples of the challenges currently available:

  • Replace Soda Challenge: Replace all soda with tea, water or unsweetened coffee for the next 7 days (worth 500 points)
  • Move During Commercials: During the commercials, get off your couch and march in place or dance for the next 7 days (worth 500 points)
  • A Salad A Day: Eat a salad everyday for lunch or dinner for the next 7 days (worth 700 points)

I think you get the idea. To enter this giveaway contest, you simply need to leave a comment on this post containing your idea(s) for a new healthy diet or fitness challenge. The challenge idea should be fun, creative, and no more than 1-2 sentences. The staff from SlimKicker will choose their favourite submission and the winner will receive this prize:

An Ozeri Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale! (*cue the “ooohs and aaaahs”*)

The deadline for submissions will be WEDNESDAY, JULY 25th at midnight! That means you have 1 week to think of some ideas!

GOOD LUCK, and Be Well :)


5 thoughts on “SlimKicker Giveaway Contest

  1. I just discovered your blog – very nice! I like your meatless Mondays recipes. :-) I looked at the current challenges on SlimKicker and they are so creative! I was going to suggest going up and down a flight of stairs at least 2X during your lunch break but that might sort of fall into the existing “walk after lunch” challenge so… here’s a more creative challenge: Change into your workout clothes every day after work for 5 days in a row. I find that it definitely helps motivate me to exercise if I’m already wearing the right clothes!

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  3. Alternate days of cardio and strength training for a couple of weeks. One day do 30 minutes of running, and the next day do an arms/chest workout, etc. It’s important to do both types of exercises, not just one or the other

  4. Congratulations, this is a wonderful idea for a contest. I think one of the best ways to increase your healthy eating is to consume vegetables and fruit that are all colours of the rainbow. Each colour offers different nutrients and thus ingesting all colours will ensure you are receiving all necessary vitamins and minerals. :)

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