Check out my latest guest blog for UHN. How do YOU like to exercise your mental health?

Living Well @ UHN

It’s Mental Health Weekfor the Canadian Mental Health Association!

We all know that staying physically active and eating well are important aspects of healthy living. However, exercising our mental health can be JUST as important! Managing stress can be a large component of staying healthy, especially considering stress has been determined to be a contributing factor to a majority of illnesses.

Check out these simple ways to practice mental fitness, courtesy of the Canadian Mental Health Association:

  • Learn how to cope with negative thoughts: Don’t let that negative self-talk take over! Try to distract yourself or seek comfort elsewhere if you can’t solve a problem right away. Try seeing the issue from all sides rather than from just one point of view.
  • Be in the present: Stop and smell those roses! Try to rid yourself of any distractions and focus your awareness on the “here-and-now”.
  • “Collect” positive emotional moments

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