Chickpea-Quinoa-Spinach Pizza Crust

Yep, you heard right! Chickpea-quinoa-spinach pizza crust. Or more simply, vegan pizza! This beauty was inspired by something I recently pinned on Pinterest. It was a little bit time consuming to make, but SO WORTH IT – and probably one of the healthiest pizza crusts there is. Chickpeas and quinoa?? Talk about a protein/fibre-packed meal!

The original recipe for this wonderful creation can be found on the blog Hobby and More. Since I did not have chard or kale, I used spinach instead. It gave the crust a much greener, but lovely, colour. I also did not have some of the Indian spices, such as Garam masala, so I ended up using some coriander instead.

I could smell the pizza the entire time it was cooking. It was simultaneously torturous and heavenly. Unfortunately I realized just after putting the pizza into the oven that I should have taken the time to make a cilantro pesto sauce instead of using the store-bought sauce I found in the fridge. *face palm* Oh well, next time! And there will definitely be a next time for this recipe! The only thing I will warn you about is that it can be rather delicate. The edges of my pizza got nice and crispy, but the inside was a bit more soft and fell apart a bit easily. I probably could have kept it in the oven a bit longer, but I was impatient! Anyways, enjoy! :)

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