Another Nomination!

WOW, what a great day so far! I had a wonderful sleep (for once), I woke up to a CLEAN ROOM (finally!), I fixed myself a delicious, wholesome breakfast (whole grain cereal with soymilk, flax seeds and blackberries, scrambled egg whites, and a kiwi), and then logged on to my computer to discover I have been nominated again for the Versatile Blogger Award!

Thank you Anne Sture Tucker for recognizing my blog :) Anne is a Pschomotoric therapist/Psychodynamic therapist and a trained chef. She even cooked once for Bruce Springsteen! Anne – my boyfriend will be very jealous. He travelled to Buffalo last night to see him in concert. Please check out her blog when you get a chance!

Since I was already nominated for this award quite recently, I won’t go through the whole nomination/7 facts about me process again. Please refer back to my post from Wednesday with a list of blogs I nominated!

Anyways, time to get moving and go to the gym before I head to Toronto! I’m going to see a Jays game with some friends this afternoon. Should be fun!

Eat Well, Move Well, Be Well  xo


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