This evening I went to my first “foodie” event: the TUM (Toronto Undergound Market) – a social food market where you can sample tasty treats made by home cooks throughout Toronto. Some of the vendors have their own small businesses and others just want to showcase their delicious professional-quality food. One vendor was a group of high school students trying to fundraise money for a school trip to Italy.

Unfortunately the event was held outdoors in an “open-air”-style building, so we were absolutely freezing and decided not to stay very long. However, I think the whole concept of the event is really great and I would definitely like to try going again in the summer. According to their website the TUM is a monthly event. Tickets are only $10, but you do have to pay extra for food and drinks (yes – there are vendors selling homemade beer and wine!). Most of the food samples are around $5, with smaller items being as low as $1 each. It’s easy to spend a lot of money, but I suppose it is nice knowing that the money is helping to support local people and their businesses!  I was able to snap a few photos of some of the tasty things I sampled:

Roti wrap with curried sweet potato and cilantro pesto. Very tasty!

Tyropita – buttery phyllo pastry stuffed with feta and ricotta cheese.

My mum and dad got Sweet Potato Gnocchi. This was made by the high school students that were fundraising for their trip to Italy. My parents both said this was the best thing they sampled.

For dessert? Mini cupcakes! On the left was a chocolate-coffee cupcake with espresso buttercream icing. On the right was my favourite – a (vegan) coriander cupcake with orange buttercream frosting.

Some other things I sampled were wild mushroom risotto balls with white truffle oil, vegetable samosas, and coconut-carrot soup with ginger. Perhaps not the healthiest of choices, but hey! It’s the weekend and I am just starting my Reading Week. I deserve to treat myself : )

– Be Well! xo


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