Spread Awareness, Spread The Love

One of the great things I have discovered about blogging is that a simple “like” or comment on an entry can connect you to a complete stranger. Usually when people “like” or comment on things I post I check out their blog as well to see what they’re writing about. Yesterday, one comment in particular lead me to a really fantastic, inspiring blog about healthy living and finding inner peace. Upon visiting this blog I learned that this week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

It is estimated that eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia affect 1-1.5% of the population, which sounds small, but that is millions of people – most of which are young females. One disturbing statistic I read on the NEDA website is that a 1991 study found that 42% of kids in grades 1-3 had a desire to be thinner. I would hate to know what that percentage is today. Part of being beautiful means being healthy; healthy doesn’t necessarily mean being thin. The numbers on a scale won’t tell you how amazing you are as an individual, both inside and out!

This year’s theme for NEDAwareness Week is “Everybody Knows Somebody”. I know more than one person that has battled an eating disorder. All are beautiful, strong, and well on their way to a healthy, successful recovery. Though I cannot speak to these individuals’ experiences, what I can do is help spread the word and raise awareness about eating disorders.

Upon a little further digging on the NEDA website I found some information about Operation Beautiful. The goal of this campaign is to end negative self-talk and help others transform the way they see themselves through the use of Post-It notes.

Here is a Post-It I made for myself and all you beautiful people out there : )  I encourage you to also spread awareness by spreading some love! Leave a Post-It for yourself, a loved one, or heck, even a total stranger! And it doesn’t just have to be during this week… try to spread some love everyday ♥

– Be Well xo


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