The Best Workout Drink

It took a lot of searching to find out what the best drink is to consume during and after workouts……. but I think I have found out what it is.  Are you ready?


SURPRISE!  It’s water.  I read an article earlier today on that interviewed Elizabeth Mansfield, a registered dietician and exercise physiologist at a health and sports clinic in Ottawa. She reviewed  many different workout drink options:

  1. Water: It’s considered the best bet for any standard fitness routine. It won’t cancel out the energy burned during a workout because it contains no calories or sugar. However, Mansfield warns that workouts lasting longer than 90 minutes may require more than water in order to replenish lost carbohydrates and electrolytes.
  2. Vitamin Water: Vitamins won’t help your body recover from vigorous exercise. Plus it’s much more expensive than water.
  3. Sports Drinks: Not recommended for most people. These drinks contain carbs and electrolytes, and thus are great for individuals engaging in strenuous workouts. If you are working out in an attempt to lose weight, sports drinks may inhibit weight loss due to their extra calorie content.
  4. Fruit Juice: It’s full of vitamins, but the high fructose content means the juice sits longer in your stomach, which can cause stomach discomfort.
  5. Energy Drinks: These beverages may give you a quick energy boost, but they won’t provide any advantage in terms of fitness. Plus they contain high-fructose corn syrup which can upset your stomach while working out.
  6. Coconut Water: Contains electrolytes and about the same number of calories as sports drinks, but with fewer carbs. Again, most people don’t need the extra calories (and the extra co$t) associated with this drink. I have to admit it sounds tasty though.
  7. Milk or Chocolate Milk: I had heard numerous times that chocolate milk was a great post-workout drink. However, according to Mansfield, milk is more appropriate for individuals that train hard more than once a day. For most people, the extra calories (and extra sugar in chocolate milk) aren’t necessary.

So, the next time you workout take a minute to think about what you should be drinking!  If you go for water, try to remember to fill up a reusable water bottle instead of bringing plastic bottled water.  It’s simple changes like these that can have a big impact on the health of our environment ; )

Be Fit & Be Well!


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