The Curtsy Squat

Lots of people are posting Facebook statuses about going away somewhere warm and wonderful for Reading Week.  If you’re scrambling to cram in workouts so you can look good in that bikini, here’s a great move for toning your butt and thighs.  I tried this move at the gym this morning. It’s called a “Curtsy Squat”.  I personally like using 8 lb dumbbells, but feel free to use something lighter, heavier, or not at all. Just remember to stick your butt out when you squat (like you have to pee, but are trying really hard not to touch the toilet seat because you’re at Union Station… Ew) and try not to let your front knee extend over your toes too much.  You’ll end up working your quads more than your bum, plus it can be harsh on your knee joints.  Here’s a video demonstration to get you started, it adds an additional leg lift after the squat in case you want a little something extra.  Aim for 15-20 reps, then switch legs.


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